About Us

The Ontario Association of Radiology Managers was established in response to the need for an educational and communication forum for Managers in Imaging Departments throughout the province of Ontario.

In the early 1980's a small group of dedicated radiology managers from across the province laid the ground work for the formation of the OARM.

The OARM came to be in 1983 with a charter membership of 75 people, having representation from all disciplines. In 1986 the Association was incorporated, and today the OARM is proud to claim a membership of over 160. Membership options include:

ACTIVE - open to those responsible for the management of Diagnostic Imaging departments or sub-sections such as Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy, Ultrasound, CT and MRI.

ASSOCIATE - for those who are not eligible to be Active members but who could contribute to the aims of the Association.

HONOURED - a lifetime recognition of a superior contribution to the Association.

RETIRED - persons who have retired from active practise and who held another classification of membership immediately prior to retirement.

NON-PRACTICING - for members who lose their positions without alternate employment. Whereas these members do not meet the present criteria for membership, but they wish to remain members of the association.